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Free energy machine

A solution to the energy crisis is on the horizon
February 3, 2023

The Concept That Works

This free energy machine is based on the patented technology of academician Veljko Milkovic. It is one of many applications of his most outstanding inventon: the two-stage mechanical oscillator. This particular application is a patented technology named: Electric dynamo with pendulum and magnets

This is a gravity machine, consisted of pendulum, permanent magnets and coils, able to provide free energy without the use of any conventional resources (fuel, wind, water, etc.)

This invention is researched on all continents

The two-stage mechanical oscillator and its practical application have been studied worldwide for 20 years in university centers, institutes and by enthusiasts. In addition to numerous researchers in the USA and the EU, there are particularly intensive and massive studies in India.

So far, a large number of scientific and research papers have been published around the world; 2 doctoral theses (Ph.D. dissertations) published so far [the third one in the final stage], 39 scientific-research papers, 5 university graduate theses, 5 papers from different scientific conferences, as well as 10 other papers related to this invention.

More than 500 companies around the world apply Veljko Milkovic's invention

In the early 2000s, the two-stage oscillator experienced an expansion of international research in the world, mostly thanks to the development of Internet technologies and online presentations that enabled easy and fast international exchange of all forms of data.

In addition to a large number of international scientific papers, mostly on the subject of the application of this invention in water supply and power engineering, in recent years a huge number of engineering companies in China, India and other Southeast Asian countries research, develop and produce various technical devices, most often machines for heavy industry, from some of which sell their products under the name of Veljko Milkovic, on e-commerce platforms such as China's

We don't sell any of these products, but you can buy them online.

Worldwide replicas

Independent international research activities have given birth to numerous replicas of the two- stage mechanical oscillator all over the world.  The application of this device spans from pendulum water pumps to power generators. Most of the replicas and research is concentrated on the Indian subcontinent, but there are a lot of videos from all the the other continents. The following video is one of many successful working replicas.

We are delighted to see that the scientific community and enthusiasts have taken interest in this free energy machine and constructed their own replicas of the original design. Model building guidelines are available here.

Thank you for your support

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Veljko Milković has no biological children, so he especially thanks all the good people who invested time, energy and funds to slowly bring us into the Golden Age.

New improved version of the free energy gravity device

New improved, tested, and patented concept

The technology of the Two-Stage Mechanical Oscillator has a great potential for practical application in various fields; electricity generating, water pumping, water purification, desalinization, irrigation of large areas, oil pumping, geothermal heat pumping...

In the field of further development of the two-stage mechanical oscillator, the improvement of the oscillator construction itself was achieved, and thus, at the same time, the efficiency of the device itself was increased.

How to Make a Two-Stage Oscillator More Efficient

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