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VELJKO MILKOVIĆ: New Fast and Improved Two-Stage Oscillator! (VIDEO)

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Academician Veljko Milković is constantly working on new applications and perfecting his most prominent invention: the two-stage mechanical oscillator. This invention has become the subject of numerous scientific research papers published around the planet, and the interest in studying its application has not abated for 20 years in scientific circles. In the latest video, Milković presents a new, fast and improved version of the two-stage mechanical oscillator. In this improved version, certain problems that occur with the basic version of the invention have been eliminated.

During the past years, Veljko Milković has already published the first version of the improved two-stage mechanical oscillator. The main difference between the originally patented two-stage mechanical oscillator and the improved version lies in the use of an elastic pendulum instead of a pendulum with a rigid support. In the video, Milković presents an improved version of the concept with an elastic pendulum, which differs from the original version in the elastic lever carrier. Namely, a prototype was made and it is very clear that there were no unforeseen problems in the form of unwanted horizontal oscillations, so this prototype is a good basis for making oscillators of larger dimensions. This oscillator works at higher speeds, the oscillations last longer, there is no energy wastage that was a consequence of the use of ball bearings and rigid structure. As the primary use of this model of oscillator, Milković states energy savings in existing machines such as crushers, mills, pump actuators, compressors, etc.

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