Investing in cost reduction

Exsisting residential, business, agricultural and livestock buildings can be upgraded by installment of reflective surfaces, plant-coating of the exterior walls and thermal isolation performed on the enterior walls. Crawling plants can grow against the walls or wire frames distanced from the walls. This enables a more comfortable micro-cilmate and a prolonged lifespan of the inhabitants, a fact particularly confirmed in England. Statistic records show that people, living im plant-surrounded buildings, have up to 30% longer lofespan, due to the increased percentage of oxigen. It is considered that plant coverage of buildings contributes the protection form harmful radiation and the improvement of air quality.

Favorable micro-climate is achieved by implementing plantlife on the exterior of the building and simultaneously gaining energy savings. During the winter period, the lawns, crawling plants and foundation plantings around the building act like fur coating, while in summer they prevent the walls from overheating. Thermal isolation should be done inside of the building, thus decreasing the volume of space that needs to be heated and reducing the overall surface of thermal isolation. Glass surfaces should be orientated towards south as much as possible, and window frames should be outfitted with reflective surfaces.

Implementation: adapted business and residential buildings, improved with reflective surfaces, earth and plant protection, etc...

Areas: architecture, energetics, ecology, construction

Disciplines: ecological architecture, sustainable public buildings, energy efficiency, renewable energy sources

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