Practical Application Of The Two-Stage Oscillations

The technology of the two-stage oscillator has a great potential for practical application in various fields:

Electricity generating

Engine-generators, autonomous generating systems, hand generators, human powered electrical generators, mini power plants, large-scale power plants...

Electric generator #1

Electric generator #2

Piezoelectric generator

Water pumping

Pumping water supply for human needs -- hand water pump with a pendulum for water-wells (water supply with minimum human labor in areas without public water supply and electricity, rural areas and undeveloped countries), automatic solar-powered water pump with a pendulum; irrigation and agriculture in undeveloped areas -- irrigation of smaller lots, irrigation of large areas; fire distinguishing; water purification; desalinization...

Water pump

Geothermal heat pumping

Geothermal heat pumps, ground source heat pumps, ground heat pumps, pumps for geothermal power plants...

Geothermal pump

Oil pumping

Oil & petroleum pumping...

Oil pump (Pump jack)

Pressing & hammering

Mechanical pressing, hammering, minting, squeezing, stone & rock crushing...

Mechanical press & hammer

Stone & rock crusher

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