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MILKOVIC: Let’s Launch a Research Project Together! (VIDEO)

NEW SCIENTIFIC PAPER: Inertial propulsion devices: A review
February 19, 2024

Veljko Milković invites all interested researchers, scientists, engineers, as well as all investors and donors, to jointly launch a research project aimed at examining the ultra-efficiency of pendulum drive technology and its application in electricity production. Videos in which Milković makes an invitation and proposes a research plan are published on his official YouTube channel.

In his latest address to the audience, Veljko Milković shows the latest version of the basic mechanism of the two-stage mechanical oscillator with an elastic pendulum and compares it with rotary elements, demonstrating the superiority of oscillations in relation to rotations.

With an invitation addressed to the amateur, scientific and industrial audience, in his second address on this occasion, Milković presents and explains the research plan of two-stage oscillations and the necessity of working step by step; to first examine the mechanics and improve the pendulum-lever system itself, and then consider how to use that excess mechanical energy in the production of electricity.

You can watch both speeches in the videos below.

Watch the videos (English subtitles)


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