The two-stage mechanical oscillator is already being produced worldwide

Academician Veljko Milković has been intensively researching two-stage mechanical oscillations for over 30 years. Their inconceivable possibilities of application range from starting various devices by pure conversion of inertial kinetic energy into useful mechanical work, to the production of electricity. An electric generator based on the technology of the two-stage mechanical oscillator is probably the most environmentally friendly way of producing electricity, since it does not endanger the biosphere in any way, nor does its operation depend on any physical natural resource or time of day. A partial overview of the possibility of using the two-stage mechanical oscillator can be seen in, so far, 22 approved patents of academician Veljko Milković that are related to technology.

It is important to note that, in his experiments with two-stage oscillations, academician Veljko Milković managed to get 12 times more output energy than invested, and in the last 20 years no one has argued to challenge these measurements and research. With such achievements, Veljko Milković paved the way for new challenges in physics in the 21st century, which could represent the beginning of a new great scientific revolution.

However, he is widely disputed in Serbia, but during all these years he has received numerous positive expert opinions, analyzes, calculations and measurements related to his research by many foreign and individual domestic scientists, physicists, professors, academics, engineers, inventors…

Nevertheless, research on the two-stage mechanical oscillator itself is also on the rise, both among enthusiasts and at university centers around the world. In addition to numerous researchers in the US and the EU, there are particularly intensive and massive scientific studies in India. So far, a large number of scientific research papers have been published on the topic of the two-stage mechanical oscillator at several Indian universities, including the world-famous Nagpur University. Making replicas of the two-stage mechanical oscillator with a piston water pump has become a kind of global phenomenon.

It is increasingly being confirmed that many practical devices can be produced and new export products can be created on the basis of Milković's inventions, which can certainly improve the overall economic situation and thus improve the general social situation.

Large world-famous companies from India and China and America, which have their offices around the world, already produce devices based on the two-stage mechanical oscillator. These companies operate in Russia, Kazakhstan, South Africa, Indonesia, etc. The mentioned companies are leaders in the production of machines for crushing ores and stones, and Milković's pendulum crusher patent is widely used within the new technology projects, where foreign companies recognized and realised the importance of Milkovic's invention.

These companies used Milković's two-stage mechanical oscillator as a working mechanism with the lowest possible maintenance costs and maximum efficiency, applied it in the design of a new generation of industrial machines and are selling it worldwide.

These are some of the forementioned companies:

ALI BABA - multiple search results on industrial machines based on the technologies of Veljko Milković

INDS - South Jinqiao Area, Pudong New Area, Shanghai, China - ore crushers based on Veljko Milković's patented technology

DMQ - Pudong New Area, Shanghai, China - ore crushers based on Veljko Milković's patented technology

FIRE - 201 Huaxiasanlu road, Pudong new district, Shanghai, China - Two-stage mechanical oscillator applied in industrial mills

ME MINING MACHINERY - Hawksworth, Didcot, Oxfordshire OX11 7HR, United Kingdom - Pendulum crusher magnets and free energy generator based on Veljko Milković's patents

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