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Milković: Energy of new oscillations – A historical event (VIDEO)

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November 3, 2023
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February 19, 2024

Academician Veljko Milković has published a new video in which he further explains and shows the improved efficiency of the latest version of his famous invention - a two-stage mechanical oscillator with an elastic pendulum and support. Milković compares the original version of the oscillator that has ball bearings with the new version and once again highlights the advantages of oscillations over rotations in terms of efficiency. This video was posted on his official You Tube channel.

Milković's original version of the two-stage mechanical oscillator contained 2 ball bearings: one on the pendulum and one on the support. In previously published research, there was a discussion about how the efficiency of that version of the oscillator can be further improved by the correct choice of ball bearings, we talked about the check in the article What can you use instead of a steel ball bearing in a two-stage mechanical oscillator.

However, the latest version of the two-stage mechanical oscillator with elastic support and pendulum has shown far greater efficiency compared to the standard version, in the sense that the oscillations in the new version last several times longer. By eliminating ball bearings from the basic design, Veljko Milković unequivocally showed that oscillations in themselves are far more efficient than rotations, and the elimination of rotary elements from the basic design additionally confirmed that claim.

See more about all this in the video below.

Watch the video (english subtitle)


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