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NOVOSTI MAGAZIN: Veljko claims that Atlantis is at the bottom of the Danube, he also has evidence!

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Novosti Magazin Portal published an interview with academician Veljko Milković on the topic of his assumption about the location of the legendary Atlantis in the area of today's Pannonian Basin.

The original article is published in Serbian language, so the follownig text is a full translation of the published article:

Novi Sad inventor Veljko Milković believes that the prehistoric civilization of Atlantis, which knew about laser technology, was extinguished on the territory of today's Danube.

A team of scientists from the Geological Institute in Bucharest presented the thesis that Atlantis was found in the area of today's Deliblato Sands in the distant past. With the change of the course of the Danube, this civilization disappeared, that is, it was submerged.

Veljko Milković is known in the world for his self-heating ecological house and two-stage mechanical oscillator, which in 2006 was declared one of the 100 best inventions in the world.However, he is better known to the general public for his interesting theory. Milković has been claiming for two decades that the mythical Atlantis was located in the Danube region. He also collected a huge collection of artifacts from the Danube, which confirms that.

All this time they were looking for it in the wrong place - the Atlantic!

academician Veljko Milković

So, Milković claims that they were always looking for Atlantis in the wrong place - in the Atlantic, behind Hercules' pillars. Instead, it is located at the bottom of the Danube! More precisely, between Novi Sad, at the foot of the Petrovaradin fortress and Srem.

Milkovic also collected a large amount of evidence from the bottom of the Danube. During the low water level, numerous stone artifacts with holes, various inscriptions and markings emerged, which are obviously not carved by hand, but with perfect percision - with the use of a laser. He also found pieces of pottery, opal with a rosette, inscriptions like a cuneiform letter ...

Not far from Žeželj's bridge, the Danube island sank in 1827, and with it the fortress Inzelshanc. Its foundations can still be seen today at a time of low water levels, and the artifacts found by Milković have nothing to do with the Austro-Hungarian era.

The island of Atlantis corresponds to one of the rare islands of this former lake, which is today located in the Deliblato area. Plato's data, however, reflect former paleogeographic images (endores of the Pannonian Lake, also with the mythical ocean), as well as the later images

Ticleanu et al, Scientific paper Romania

Veljko Milković is the author of the book Petrovaradin through legend and reality about the research he conducted in the labyrinths of this Danube fortress, as well as the book Pannonian Atlantis in which he explains his theory about the location of ancient Atlantis with a lot of evidence.

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