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SERBIAN TELEVISION USA: The invention of the Serbian inventor is used by hundreds of companies

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September 7, 2020
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Serbian Television USA from Chicago (United States ) published an article on its website about the two-stage mechanical oscillator invented by academician Veljko Milkovic. This informative article notes, among other things, that hundreds of companies around the world use and manufacture machines based on the two-stage mechanical oscillator technology.

The original article is published in Serbian language, so the follownig text is a full translation of the published article:

Veljko Milković's scientific contribution is the discovery of a new phenomenon in mechanics, which was considered to be the researched area. It is based on the realization of the advantages of using two-stage mechanical oscillations and a driving pendulum. His discovery is considered and called "new mechanics" and can be used in a million ways because it is an ultra-efficient drive.

His invention is studied on all continents, and as realized it is used in over 350 companies (mostly in Southeast Asia). It is still not produced in Serbia. There is also his invention which has been confirmed to work as a closed system (perpetuum mobile). Recognized by Western and other experts.

In addition to production, some of his inventions can be purchased on Alibaba at prices of about $ 8,000

Veljko Milković and his team also have unpublished ideas and proposals for new patents, so there is a possibility of cooperation. The team is willing to cooperate, to involve as many people as possible. His inventions, which are included in the world's most important discoveries, are at the forefront in terms of efficiency, and production and use have come to life so that they can no longer be prevented.

This exceptional contemporary of ours, multifacetedly talented, has about 114 inventions out of that 40 or so published inventions, some of which have been in use for many years and 29 approved patents! He has written 15 books that have been translated into several world languages and on the basis of which, so far, several feature-length documentaries have been made; Based on his work, research and books he wrote, he has done several scientific papers as well as seminar, graduate and master's theses; Also, for his decades of work, he received numerous awards in the country and abroad, including two academic titles in 2006. The two-stage mechanical oscillator, the invention of Veljko Milković, was also named one of the 100 best energy technologies in the world by the New Energy Congress. (USA)!!!

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