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Veljko Milković in University schoolbooks: Self-heating eco-house and virology

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The concept of reflective surfaces, which is part of the self-heating ecological house of academician Veljko Milković, appeared in a textbook intended for medical students. The textbook entitled Hygiene - Medical Ecology and Public Health, which is the result of a group of authors and signed by Miroslava Kristiforović-Ilić, recommends the installation of reflective surfaces in order to enhance immunity to viruses.

In this textbook, the basic emphasis is on hygiene, as well as how to improve public health in terms of prevention with quality recommendations. In addition to the traditional explanations known to the people under the slogan "cleanliness is half of health", this textbook talks about the results of many scientific researches in the field of medicine, but also about their concrete application in combination with other sciences and technologies. In the modern age, when technology is a carrier of development in every respect, and the pharmaceutical industry is considered the pinnacle of treatment, natural methods used to prevent disease and preserve health seem to go unnoticed.

The most current topic in 2020 is the coronavirus epidemic of the SARS-CoV-2 (or Covid-19) virus, which has been declared a global pandemic. This virus is a disease of the respiratory organs, and depending on the state of the body's immunity, it manifests itself with symptoms that range from the common cold to pneumonia, loss of sense of smell and taste, etc. The results of medical research in the treatment of these types of viruses have shown that exposure to sunlight has a very favorable effect on prevention, as well as faster healing of patients for several reasons.

Many scientists today believe that, with a proper diet and a balanced lifestyle, sunlight is the best protection against many diseases. Research conducted around the world has shown that dosed exposure to ultraviolet sunlight is one of the most effective treatment methods that has ever existed. By the action of sunlight on the skin, the body is able to produce vitamin D. This vitamin affects the proper functioning of muscles and nerves, lowers blood cholesterol levels, prevents bone loss, rickets and strengthens the immune system.

UV rays destroy bacteria and viruses by acting on their DNA and RNA and preventing them from multiplying.

It is known that the sun's rays also have an anti-microbial effect on the skin and in our environment. UV rays destroy bacteria and viruses by acting on their DNA and RNA and preventing them from multiplying. This mechanism of action of UV rays on the destruction of microbes has been used to disinfect air in hospitals using UV lamps and similar mobile devices used to disinfect patient rooms. This type of disinfection can also be applied during epidemics, such as the current COVID-19. "Virus killer" robots around the world are on the front line and use ultraviolet rays to destroy microbes.

How to make your house anti-viral?

The textbook Hygiene - Medical Ecology and Public Health, among other things, provides recommendations for the construction and adaptation of residential and commercial buildings, in order to ensure the healthiest living and working conditions. In addition to the recommendations related to the orientation of the facilities and the layout of the rooms in relation to their purpose, special attention is paid to the degree of illumination of the rooms in which most people stay. In that sense, we also talk about reflective surfaces, the choice of colors and materials that provide a high level of reflection of daylight, as well as how to bring that light into your home. For that reason, the concept of reflective surfaces was presented, which is an integral part of the self-heating ecological house of academician Veljko Milković, that exists for three decades and constantly confirms its value with new discoveries in science.>

The paragraph in the textbook reads:

In addition to the reflection from the terrain, it is sometimes useful to provide additional reflective surfaces on the upper and lower part of the window, south orientation, which increases the amount of introduced sunlight and heat in the buildings.

This recommendation relies on the possibility of adapting existing houses and buildings, in order to introduce a larger amount of light into the room, primarily on the windows located on the south side of the buildings. This concept of adaptation of buildings - installation of reflective surfaces on existing houses and buildings has already been presented on our website, whereby improvements of agricultural and livestock buildings are proposed in order to reduce heating costs and improve animal health.

By installing reflective surfaces, in addition to entering 2.5 times more light into the room, savings in lighting and heating costs in the winter are achieved. The entry of a larger amount of light, indirectly and UV rays, disinfects the indoor air and stimulates the production of vitamin D in the human body.

Academician Veljko Milković has published numerous scientific papers on this topic, the most recent of which was published on May 18, 2020 under the title Reflective panels for solar air conditioning and health-safe housing, which includes an appendix that clarifies the medical aspect of the benefits of reflective surfaces.

Research and Development Center Veljko Milković - VEMIRC can provide full support in planning the improvement of your homes and office buildings with reflective surfaces. We are open to all types of cooperation and you can contact us through all mechanisms on the contact page.

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