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New scientific paper: Reflective panels for solar air conditioning and health-safe housing

New scientific paper, academician Veljko Milković
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January 10, 2020
Academician Veljko Milković visited the Energy Agency of the City of Novi Sad
Academician Veljko Milković visited the Energy Agency of the City of Novi Sad
May 27, 2020
Academician Veljko Milković published a new scientific paper on the topic "Reflective panels for solar air conditioning and healthy safe housing". This paper is a kind of continuation of the presentation and promotion of reflective surfaces in architecture, construction and air conditioning, with reference to additional benefits related to improving the health of housing and justification for improvement.

The reflective panels of academician Veljko Milković are part of a wider project of the "self-heating ecological house", which was presented 30 years ago, and is still gaining relevance today. Within this project, reflective surfaces play one of the key roles in spacial air conditioning throughout the year. One of the ideas is the adaptation of existing buildings by installing reflective surfaces on the southern facades of buildings in use.

This paper presents the results of the use of reflective panels on buildings during the last decades. Given the favorable results and low price, a wider application on residential, commercial and agricultural buildings is proposed. The model is based on high-gloss foils, sheets or coatings on a solid panel for the purpose of low-temperature heating, lighting, disinfection or cooling on the principle of directing, i.e. increasing or decreasing the usual concentration of solar radiation on the windows of buildings.

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