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Academician Veljko Milković visited the Energy Agency of the City of Novi Sad

New scientific paper, academician Veljko Milković
New scientific paper: Reflective panels for solar air conditioning and health-safe housing
May 18, 2020
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July 6, 2020

On May 27, 2020, Veljko Milković, academician and founder of the "Research and Development Center Veljko Milkovic" from Novi Sad, visited the Energy Agency of the City of Novi Sad and presented his latest science paper "Reflective panels for solar air conditioning and health-safe housing".

This paper presents the results of the use of reflective panels on buildings during the last decades. Given the favorable outcome and low price, Mr. Milkovic suggests a wider application of these panels in residential, commercial and agricultural buildings. The model is based on high-gloss foils, sheets or coatings on a solid panel for the purpose of low-temperature heating, lighting, disinfection or cooling on the principle of directing, ie increasing or decreasing the usual concentration of solar radiation on the windows of buildings. In the heating season, it is possible to ventilate the room thanks to the higher density of solar radiation that passes through the windows, and during the summer, the reflecting panels contribute to cooling, as the solar radiation reflects into the atmosphere and thus contributes to reducing global warming.

We note that the Energy Agency of the City of Novi Sad, in cooperation with the "Research and Development Center Veljko Milković" from Novi Sad in previous years worked on the implementation and promotion of a project called "Novi Sad Energy Center" (Novi Sad Energie-Haus) whose ultimate goal is to build a public and demonstration self-heating facility that will serve as an example of energy efficiency in buildings that make maximum use of renewable energy sources. This facility would serve as the seat of the Agency and the Center for the Promotion and Education of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Sources in order to raise environmental awareness, develop energy responsible behavior and promote the use of renewable and clean energy sources. More information about the "Novi Sad Energy Center" can be read on the website

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