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New scientific paper: Synergy between invested energy and gravitation in two-stage mechanical oscillator

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January 4, 2020
New scientific paper, academician Veljko Milković
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May 18, 2020
Academician Veljko Milković published a new scientific paper on the topic "Synergy between invested energy and gravitation i two-stage mechanical oscillator". This paper is a kind of continuation of the presentation and promotion of a two - stage mechanical oscillator and it presents the latest observations and measurement results.

The two-stage mechanical oscillator is an invention of academician Veljko Milković which made him famous in the scientific world. This super-efficient mechanism has the possibility of various applications, the most interesting of which is the production of electricity. Research on a two-stage mechanical oscillator is represented on all continents, of which India leads in the number of scientific papers published on the topic of this mechanism.

The goal of this work is to demonstrate a benefit of investing energy in accordance with gravitation in the two-stage mechanical oscillator in the case of greater amplitudes of a physical pendulum interacting with a lever. New facts with the samples and explanations are removing any doubt about the validity of previous measurements and along with some additional clarifications confirm ultra efficiency of the device.

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