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PRVA TV – NEĆETE VEROVATI: Milković and his theory (VIDEO)

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November 11, 2020
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The team of the show Nećete verovati (You Won't Believe It), broadcasted on Prva TV, visited academician Veljko Milković in order to present his invention, the two-stage mechanical oscillator, to their viewers and get acquainted with the principle of operation of this mechanism.

In this interview, Veljko Milković very simply explains and shows the mechanism of the two-stage mechanical oscillator, explains why he is convinced that oscillations are much more efficient than rotations, and cites examples. In addition, he presented one of his books: The Energy Turning Point or Apocalypse, which, among other things, deals with the two-stage mechanical oscillator. The interview also discussed domestic and international authors of professional literature in the field of new technologies who mention Veljko Milković and his invention, as well as the candidacy for the Nobel Prize in Physics, in the field of mechanics, and how that candidacy came about.

Author and host of the show: Gvozden Nikolić

Watch the interview (in Serbian)

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