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RINA: This is a Serbian scientist who can stand side by side with Einstein

PRVA TV – NEĆETE VEROVATI: Milković and his theory (VIDEO)
December 10, 2020
Some companies sell machines that work on the principle of Milković’s invention, but they do not mention the inventor!
December 18, 2020

December 11, 2020 will be remembered as Veljko Milković's day in the Serbian media. The information portal RINA (Regional Information News Agency) visited academician Veljko Milković and published an interview and photos on the topic of Milković's most famous invention - the two-stage mechanical oscillator.

Many printed and electronic media took over this news from the RINA news agency, so the interview appeared on the portals Blic, B92, Telegraf, Alo!, Kurir, Espresso, etc. This is just proof that the two-stage mechanical oscillator and academician Veljko Milković are getting more and more attention, not only in international scientific circles, but also in the domestic media.

The original article is published in Serbian language, so the follownig text is a full translation of the published article:

Veljko Milković is one of the most successful Serbian academicians, and his inventions have been included in the world's most important discoveries of exceptional efficiency for years and are used in over 500 companies around the world.

The Serbian scientist was born in Subotica in 1949 and he invented the self-heating ecological house, a solar dugout with earth protection and reflective surfaces that help save energy consumed for heating and lighting, and numerous, as he calls them, ecological innovations.

His inventions are based on the utilisation of the advantages of using two-stage mechanical oscillations and a driving pendulum. His discovery is considered a "new mechanic" and can be used in a million ways.

Although the wheel is considered the greatest invention of mankind and the basis of progress that has proven to be a good example of transport, thus entered as the best solution for turbines, propellers, gears and many other things, but my thesis and practice prove that it is wrong and that oscillations (natural movement) are a much more efficient form of rotation and with minimal investment you can get free energy. Take the example of birds, which oscillate with wings, or fish with feathers

Veljko Milkovic told RINA.

This innovator claims that he proved it in his scientific works and that his theses were used in India, where a mechanical power plant was built based on this mechanism, all the way to America and the rest of the world where many of his patents and scientific solutions are used.

Through numerous examples and patents in practice, Milković proved in practice that with the help of gravity, oscillation lasts much longer than any rotational form of motion.

"If you compare the example of a ball bearing, which is considered one of the achievements in mechanics, each wheel soon stops while the pendulum whose basic drive is gravity works a hundred times longer," Veljko added.

Humanity now cannot be imagined without electricity, which is necessary in all spheres of life, from traffic, industry and household.

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"We have plenty of electricity in the form of gravity, we don't have to cut wood or consume something that is irreversible, such as oil, wood and coal which are in limited quantities. Over the centuries there have been unsuccessful attempts to use gravity, now it is in proves to the world, and I made prototypes that I offered through the global online store "Alibaba"

Veljko Milkovic

This exceptional Serbian scientist has so far written 15 books that have been translated into several world languages and on the basis of which several feature-length documentaries have been made. For his decades-long work, he received numerous recognitions in the country and abroad, and at the suggestion of the ARS Academy, Veljko Milković is a candidate for the Nobel Prize in the field of mechanics, so maybe in addition to Einstein, X-rays, Nikola Tesla, Veljko Milković will also be found.

Source: RINA

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