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How did the Tarabics predict Milkovic’s invention?

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December 23, 2020
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March 14, 2021

The editorial staff of the website Šareni portal published an article in which they discuss the famous Creman prophecy of the Tarabić brothers and the possibility of whether they predicted and announced certain inventions of academician Veljko Milković? Their assumption is related to the two-stage mechanical oscillator and an electricity generator that uses this gravitational machine.

The original article is published in Serbian language, so the follownig text is a full translation of the published article:

Whoever reads books and when they are interested in prophecies, must have read the most famous one, by the Tarabic brothers. And what do these prophecies hide? Read carefully.

In one part of the narration, the famous Kreman prophet Mitar Tarabić spoke about some inexhaustible energy:

Instead of hair and layers, people will dig everywhere, where they should and shouldn't, and those forces will be all around them, only they won't be able to speak and tell them: Come on, take me, don't you see that I'm there, all around yours. Only after many summers will people remember this real force, and they will see what folly they have done with their holes. There will be these forces in the people themselves, but it will take a long time for them to find out and use it… When that happens, people will regret that they did not find out before, because that knowledge is quite simple.

Mitar Tarabić, Creman, 1829-1899

The assumption is that nothing in the world has been researched with as much persistence and faith as when it comes to perpetuum mobile. But, there are very few traces left about that, because the failure was usually covered up. In addition, since the Paris Academy of Sciences took the position in 1775 that perpetuum mobile is "a machine that will never work", the world of science has been burdened with a conspiracy of silence on this topic.

The discussion about the perpetuum mobile was left to enthusiasts and incorrigible optimists, and official science has given up on this topic, which does not mean that research has been taken care of. On the contrary, perpetuum mobile continued to attract the attention of both scientists and laymen, but not publicly. Scientists from every country are secretly working on this, because everyone is aware that perpetuum mobile would bring them unimagined possibilities.

However, one man dared and proved that the machine exists, and even serves a purpose. Did the Tarabics predict what was patented by the Novi Sad inventor and academician Veljko Milkovic. Namely, Milković pushed the boundaries of science and refuted all possible theses not to lend perpetual mobile, for which he even received numerous recognitions from world scientists, and his inventions have been applied in the world for a long time.

According to foreign scientists, it has been proven that, for the first time, more energy can be obtained from one mechanical process than is invested in it. Milković's "two-stage mechanical oscillator", patented for the first time as a part of the unique water pump, traveled the world.

Although it seems simple, according to scientists, it is a fundamental discovery - a combination of a lever and a pendulum, a swing and a seesaw, which gave a new mechanical device, which can facilitate many difficult tasks, including oil extraction, heavy presses, electricity production. It is a clean source of energy, which can prevent conflicts in the world.

All science and technology have gone in the wrong direction. Now we have a more advanced technique, which works on completely new principles. We have a pendulum and a lever and the interaction of the pendulum and the lever. Archimedes dealt with leverage, Galileo the pendulum, but they could not unite because they did not live at the same time… They could not cooperate, and these two things were not connected ... We have an abundance of energy from gravity, because the pendulum oscillates due to the gravitational force, gravity is inexhaustible and we cannot influence it. We have completely natural energy, which cannot be consumed

Veljko Milković

A little jokingly, this researcher says: "This can be a good gym, in which electricity would be produced by the strength of human muscles, and as he says, that would solve the problem of unemployment." Here, every person would do sports, and unlike paying for the gym, here they would be paid for exercising. "

Milkovic says that his discovery shook the world. Using his principle, water pumps are already being made in Italy, and his patent is also being studied in America, India, Mexico…

Eleven years ago, the American organization "New Energy Congress" declared this patent one of the 100 best energy technologies, and the Gravity Energy Corporation from America awarded it with 200 shares.

The state did not remain deaf to the new discoveries - the inventor from Novi Sad received funds for his research from both the republic and the province. The investment paid off.

Veljko Milković was born in 1949 in Subotica and since 1952 he has lived in Novi Sad, where he was educated and studied history. In addition to his interest in the past, he is engaged in research, invention, innovation, studying the history of inventions, futuristic projects, writing…

Milkovic has about 114 inventions, of which about 40 published inventions, some of which have been in use for many years, and 29 approved patents.

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