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Milković’s invention is changing the world!

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March 19, 2021
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May 25, 2021

The Internet portal Energetske vesti (Energy news) wrote an extensive article about academician Veljko Milković and his invention, the two-stage mechanical oscillator, which they claim is an invention that changes the world! In addition to the biography, the portal also cites research on the two-stage mechanical oscillator that is performed around the world, as well as inventions based on this mechanism, which are currently produced by the companies around the world.

The original article is published in Serbian language, so the follownig text is a full translation of the published article:

Nikola Tesla, one of the world's greatest researchers and scientists in the field of electrical engineering. This great man of Serbian origin left behind more than 700 inventions. If it weren't for Nikola Tesla, the world as we know it today probably wouldn't even exist. One of the greatest geniuses in the history of mankind died on this day 73 years ago. He was 87 years old at the time of his death.

He was born in Smiljan, in what was then Austria (today Croatia), in 1856, but he spent almost his entire life in America, where he created all the inventions. He had more than 700 inventions among which are: alternating current, remote control, radar, use of X-ray, laser… We can freely say that his inventions changed the world.

However, from Nikola Tesla to Veljko Milković, who is our contemporary, no inventor has done anything similar that would change the world. Of course there are inventions, but they are not crucial to humanity. Some of them are anti-snoring pacifiers or inventions made by investors. however, Velljko Milković does not sell his invention, he gives it to the world.

All the way to Veljko Milković who invented the two-stage mechanical oscillator.

Academician Veljko Milković has been intensively researching two-stage mechanical oscillations for over 30 years. Their inconceivable possibilities of application range from starting various devices by pure conversion of inertial kinetic energy into useful mechanical work, to the production of electricity. An electric generator based on the technology of a two-stage mechanical oscillator is probably the most environmentally friendly way of producing electricity, since it does not endanger the biosphere in any way, nor does its operation depend on the energy source or the time of day. A partial overview of the possibility of applying a two-stage mechanical oscillator can be seen in, so far, 22 approved patents of academician Veljko Milković that are related to technology.

It is important to note that, in his experiments with two-stage oscillations, academician Veljko Milković managed to get 12 times more output energy than invested, and in the last 20 years no one has argued to challenge these measurements and research. With such achievements, Veljko Milković paved the way for new challenges in physics in the 21st century, which could represent the beginning of a new great scientific revolution.

However, he is widely disputed in Serbia, but during all these years he has received numerous positive expert opinions, analyzes, calculations and measurements related to his research by many foreign and individual domestic scientists, physicists, professors, academics, engineers, inventors…

Two-thirds of the planet is exploring its mechanical oscillator.

What can be said about a man for whom a world-class figure like academician Bratislav Tošić, who, among other things, was twice a member of the Nobel Prize commission, said "I am glad to have lived in the time of Veljko Milković" od dr Peter Lindemann who stated: "thus this discovery is certainly one of the most important discoveries in the last 300 years"… or recognized as the greatest connoisseur of the work and life of Nikola Tesla prof. Dr. Velimir Abramović .. ". Veljko's oscillator is also the best mechanical analogy of alternating current, it must be admitted, better than any of Tesla's Analogies." Finally, professors Nikhade, Patil and Bansal from from Nagpur Institute of Technology officially published the results of the energy surplus of the two-stage mechanical oscillator, academician Veljko Milković, in the Asian scientific journal. In addition to the above, there are a large number of works by eminent experts that should be mentioned, such as Zoran Markovic, Jovan Marjanovic, Ronald Pugh, Nebojsa Simin, Aleksandar Slavkovic, Colin Gaud, Jovan Bebic, Zlatko Pangalic, ani listed without deserving doctor's titles and professorships.

He has written 15 books that have been translated into several world languages and several feature documentaries have been made so far, based on these books.

Research into the two-stage mechanical oscillator itself is also on the rise, both among enthusiasts and at universities around the world. In addition to numerous researchers in the US and the EU, there are particularly intensive and massive university studies in India. So far, a large number of scientific research papers on the topic of a two-stage mechanical oscillator have been published at several Indian universities, including the world-famous University of Nagpur. Making replicas of a two-stage mechanical oscillator with a piston water pump has become a kind of global phenomenon.

It is increasingly confirmed that, based on Milković's inventions, many practical devices can be produced and thus create new export products that can certainly improve the overall economic situation and thus improve the general social situation.

Large world-famous and recognized companies from India, China and America, folloewd by numerous companies from other countries that have their offices around the world, produce machines, crushers and devices based on a two-stage mechanical oscillator. These are companies operating in Russia, Kazakhstan, South Africa, Indonesia… The mentioned companies are leaders in the production of machines for crushing ores and stones, and his invention is widely used within the new technology project, where foreign companies recognized the importance of Milkovic's invention.

These companies have recognized the value of Milković's invention as a working mechanism with the lowest possible maintenance costs and maximum efficiency, applied it in the design of a new generation of industrial machines and widely sold it around the world.

Here, based on this, it is concluded that after Nikola Tesla, only Milković's invention is on the way to change the world for the better.

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