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ŠTAJERSKE NOVICE: Mechanical power plant and Veljko Milkovic’s inventions
March 14, 2021
Milković’s invention is changing the world!
April 26, 2021

The editorial staff of the Šareni portal website published an article about academician Veljko Milković entitled "Is it really impossible?" which talks about the potential of the two-stage mechanical oscillator to be able to work indefinitely in a certain configuration, which would fulfill the conditions to be defined as a perpetuum mobile or, as modern science says, an impossible machine.

The original article is published in Serbian language, so the follownig text is a full translation of the published article:

It sounds ironic, but a serious study of the impossible has often opened the door to rich and completely unexpected areas of science. For example, a frustrating and unsuccessful search for a perpetuum mobile machine led physicists to conclude that such a machine was impossible, forcing them to postulate energy conservation and the three laws of thermodynamics.

Thus, the futile effort to make a machine that would move endlessly without consuming energy contributed to the opening of a new field of thermodynamics on which the discovery of the steam engine, the era of machines and the modern industrial age is partly based.

In his book "Physics of the Impossible", the author and physicist Michio Kaku classified impossible things. The physics of the impossible is the physics of everything that seems impossible to us or is really impossible. The task of The physics of the impossible is to enable theoretically and practically to remove or move all those boundaries that can be removed and / or moved. To make the impossible possible to the extent that the reality and the moment in which we find ourselves allow it.

The physics of the impossible is the place where physics confronts the limits of human cognition. On the one hand a painful area to study because it tells us we have boundaries, and we don’t like that. On the other hand, it is attractive and fun because it allows us to get out of our everyday life and go, even in our thoughts, to a world where dreams become reality.

I Class of the Impossible

This class includes technologies that are impossible today, but which do not violate the known laws of physics. According to him, these technologies could be realized in a limited form for a defender or two. According to him, this group includes teleportation and invisibility.

II Class impossible It includes technologies that are on the border of our understanding of the world and the physical laws known to us. It would take at least a few thousand more years if not millions of years for them to materialize.

III Class of the impossible This class of the impossible is made up of technologies that certainly violate the laws of physics known to us so far. An example that others. As he states it is perpetuum mobile. The development of such a machine would make a fundamental revolution in physics.

And is it really impossible?

Namely, the Novi Sad inventor Veljko Milković invented a machine that moves the foundations of science. For the first time, according to foreign scientists, it has been proven that more energy can be obtained from one mechanical process than is invested in it. Milković's two-stage mechanical oscillator, which he used as a base for his unique water pump with a pendulum patent, traveled the world.

Veljko Milković is one of the most successful Serbian academics, and his inventions over the years are among the most important world discoveries, which are of exceptional efficiency and are used in over 500 companies around the world.

We have plenty of electricity in the form of gravity, we don't have to cut wood or consume something that is irreversible, such as oil, wood and coal, which are available in limited quantities. There have been unsuccessful attempts to use gravity for centuries, now it is being proven in the world, and I have made prototypes that are now being made possible thanks to engineers who have perfected the machines, and offered them for sale through the global online store Alibaba.

academician Veljko Milković

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