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NEW INTERNATIONAL SCIENTIFIC PAPER: A new irrigation system without any external sources

Opinions of the scientific community about the two-stage mechanical oscillator (VIDEO)
March 18, 2022
NEW INTERNATIONAL SCIENTIFIC PAPER: Design and manufacture of a hand pump for water with a pendulum capacity of 20l/h and raising water to a height of 1m
May 27, 2022

Academician Veljko Milković's two-stage mechanical oscillator is being researched all over the world. Every year, several scientific papers are published around the world that deal with the application of this invention, however, there is a significant part of the papers that do not mention Veljko Milković in the references and acknowledgments. This is, among other things, an indication that the two-stage mechanical oscillator became more famous than Veljko Milković himself. The forthcoming paper is a working version published on the Research Square website and originated in India.

In this paper, the authors Ramesh Chandra Nayak, Chandrika Samal, Manmatha K. Roul and Payodhar Padhi deal with irrigation systems in agriculture and present a two-stage mechanical oscillator applied to a reciprocating water pump as a system that does not use any external energy source.. In the introductory part, states:

In this work a pendulum operated irrigation model is presented. The designed model is required to attach with the hand pump. The developed system will work without any external source of power, which will provide maximum profit to farmers.

It is stated, among other things, that modern irrigation costs using different types of generators are one of the significant costs in the process of agricultural production, and that the use of a water pump with a pendulum in rural areas could lower production costs. The work also contains drawings of a water pump with a pendulum, which are apparently based on Veljko Milković's patent.

What sets this paper apart, along with 30 more that the Research and Development Center Veljko Milković - VEMIRC managed to find, is the phenomenon that Veljko Milković, nor the scientific papers in which he is mentioned, are nowhere to be found in the paper itself, nor in the references . This is an indication that in India the two-stage mechanical oscillator has become more famous and recognizable than its author. The reason for this is that India is the country where by far the most scientific research papers related to the two-stage mechanical oscillator have been published.

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