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NEW INTERNATIONAL SCIENTIFIC PAPER: Optimum parametric analysis of mechanical oscillator for pumping application

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Since 2013, many scientific research papers have been published on the topic of the two-stage mechanical oscillator of academician Veljko Milković. A particularly large number of works are related to the application of this oscillator on a water piston pump, and the largest number of works comes from the second most populous country in the world, India. The following scientific paper deals with the parametric analysis of a two-stage mechanical oscillator, and was published by the Department of Mechanical Engineering of Mar Barselios College of Engineering and Technology located in the federal state of Kerala, India.

In this paper, the authors Rejin Balachandran, Nandu A. and Nirmal M. S. investigate the efficiency of a pendulum water pump (two-stage mechanical oscillator). The introductory part states:

Various analyses like length ratio, weight ratio and efficiency test were conducted with the fabricated oscillator. Oscillator is constructed with a telescopic pendulum which facilitates the adjustment of length. The pivot position as well as the weight ratio of the lever is varied throughout the experiment and the optimum location and weight ratio corresponding to maximum discharge is found out. Maximum efficiency of oscillator utilized forpumping the water corresponds to 92.07%.

It is important to note that in the introductory part of the paper it is made clear that it is about testing of the two-stage mechanical oscillator by academician Veljko Milković, as well as its patented application on a piston water pump. In addition, Veljko Milković is mentioned in references in addition to 20 other scientific research papers used for the purpose of shaping this paper.

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