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HELM CAST: Lost Danube civilisation (VIDEO)

Researchers’ night with Veljko Milković
September 30, 2019
TV SVETLO: My inventions are used by the world, and Serbia imports them! (VIDEO)
October 6, 2019

In his research of the Petrovaradin Fortress, as well as other sites where artifacts appear at random, which probably contain elements that suggest a far greater degree of technological development than previous studies of distant history suggest, Academician Veljko Milkovic presents a hypothesis according to which the famous and the mysterious Atlantis may have been located in the area of the Pannonian plain and today's Vojvodina.

This is, among other things, the topic of the new book by Academician Milković, which is being prepared and the premiere presentation of the printed edition is expected soon.

On that occasion, academician Milković was also a guest of the production of the YouTube channel Helm Cast, within the series of shows Autohtonisti. In the description of the video, the authors of the show state:

The famous Novi Sad inventor Veljko Milković claims that, like the Aztecs, Incas or Mayans, the prehistoric civilization, which also knew laser technology, was extinguished. With the fatal change of the course of the Danube, it disappeared on the stretch of present-day Vojvodina, that is, the Danube region. He also revealed the secret of the Petrovaradin labyrinth

Author and presenter Miodrag Milanović

Watch the interview (in Serbian)

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