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NEW INTERNATIONAL SCIENTIFIC PAPER: Modeling, simulation and analyses of a variable-lenght pendulum water pump
December 20, 2021
ÖVR: Interview with Veljko Milković
January 14, 2022

The guest on the YouTube channel Putni Dnevnik was Veljko Milković, inventor and researcher. In this visit, Academician Milković talks about the improved version of the two-stage mechanical oscillator, gives previously unpublished details about his research of the Petrovaradin Fortress, as well as artifacts that support his hypothesis that the legendary Atlantis civilization was in today's Pannonian Basin in Serbia.

Veljko Milković has published numerous books and papers related to his scientific research work. His fields of study are free energy, self-heating buildings and history. In this interview, Milković presents an improved version of his invention - a two-stage mechanical oscillator, an invention that is being studied at universities and by enthusiasts around the world. In addition, information related to his research of the Petrovaradin Fortress can be heard, including stories about legends and discoveries that suggest that there were far older settlements in this area. He also presents these discoveries in the book Pannonian Atlantis, in which he presents his hypothesis and evidences which support hit theory that the legendary Atlantis may have been in this area.

The show was hosted by journalist Verica Utvić.

Watch the interview (in serbian)

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