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ÖVR: Interview with Veljko Milković

PUTNI DNEVNIK: Veljko Milković, the researcher
December 25, 2021
OSTFALIA UNIVERSITY: Zero point energy and the two-stage mechanical oscillator
January 27, 2022

The portal of the Austrian Space Energy Association (ÖVR - Österreichischen Vereinigung für Raumenergie) published an interview with academician Veljko Milković about his invention - the two-stage mechanical oscillator. In addition to the article published on their website, a more detailed interview can be read in the document attached at the end of the article.

During this interview, a review was made of the international success of the two-stage mechanical oscillator, as well as the interest of the international scientific scene in this invention. In addition to mentioning India as the leading country in the number of published papers related to this Milković's invention, the doctoral dissertation published at the prestigious University of Cambridge in England is also mentioned.

In this interview, Veljko Milković also talks about the improved version of the two-stage mechanical oscillator with an elastic pendulum, as well as the observations and measurement results that show improvement compared to the original version. The article is available at the link below, in German.

The interview was conducted by Ing. Wilhelm Mohorn.

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