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OSTFALIA UNIVERSITY: Zero point energy and the two-stage mechanical oscillator

ÖVR: Interview with Veljko Milković
January 14, 2022
Opinions of the scientific community about the two-stage mechanical oscillator (VIDEO)
March 18, 2022

Professor Claus W. Turtur from the Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences in Germany has published an interesting paper on the topic of zero point energy and research related to the exploitation of this phenomenon as a free source of electricity. Among the potential sources of zero point energy is the two-stage mechanical oscillator of academician Veljko Milković.

In this very comprehensive project proposal, Professor Turtur deals with various concepts that can be used to obtain infinite sources of electricity. These concepts include perpetual battery, hydrogen systems, magnetic motors, gravity and hydraulic systems, capillary pumps, etc. The concepts he talks about have been published over the years by inventors and scientists around the world, but have not been sufficiently researched, so the idea of this project is to conduct their thorough research and determine to what extent they are possible as sources of electricity.

Veljko Milković's two-stage mechanical oscillator is one of the gravitational machines that has the potential to produce free electricity. This project proposal states that this machine is very promising in terms of fulfilling this potential.

You can read more about this at the link below.

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