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NEW INTERNATIONAL SCIENTIFIC PAPER: Power generation by means of pendulum and solar energy

SLOVENIAN REFERENCES: Autopoiesis and oscillations
June 10, 2022
August 8, 2022

Another scientific research paper was published in India on the topic of electricity generation using a two-stage mechanical oscillator. What sets it apart is combining it with solar energy. The following research paper was published at the Bangalore Technological Institute, which is part of the Visvesvaraya Technological University in Belgaum, India.

In this paper, authors Deepak A R, Bharath A V, Dalton Rohil C R, Mandev Rajbanshi and Nirajan Ghimire perform a unique approach by combining solar energy with a two-stage mechanical oscillator combined with electromagnets as buffers to maintain the oscillations. Solar energy is accumulated through solar panels in batteries, and from there the electromagnets that maintain the oscillations are powered. In the introductory part, the authors state, among other things:

We can implement a pendulum-based power generation system in such dynamic application we can generate power from it. The pendulum power generator is most efficient & eco-friendly power generator.The pendulum power generator is the machine which converts the motion of pendulum i.e. mechanical energy into electrical energy. This is most helpful source or machine for power generation in today.

This approach aims at a kind of automation of the oscillator's work, which, in this setting, could maintain oscillations indefinitely. In the picture that shows how the mechanism looks, the principle of generating electricity from oscillations is also explained. Essentially, the lever is connected with a rotating disc and the rod due to pendulum movement makes the disc to rotate and the disc is further connected to generator where it also rotates and electricity is obtained as an output.

It is interesting to note that the design of the oscillator shown is very similar to the design of the oil pump that Veljko Milković envisioned as one of the possible applications of the two-stage mechanical oscillator.

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