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LEGACY OF ATLANTIS: Pannonian Atlantis and Veljko Milković mentioned in the new book

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September 2, 2022
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The well-known Serbian publicist Bojan Dimitrijević has published his latest book: The Legacy of Atlantis (Zaveštanje Atlantide), published by the publishing house Čigoja. In this book, Veljko Milković and his hypothesis about the Pannonian Atlantis are mentioned among the numerous hypotheses regarding the location of the mythical Atlantis.

In his latest book, Dimitrijević reviewed the previous hypotheses about the location of the mythical Atlantis, along with a review of the published literature and sources dating back centuries. The current hypotheses he cites cover the assumptions that Atlantis was located in South America, North Africa, the Mediterranean, Scandinavia, the Atlantic Ocean and Pannonia.

In the part in which he states Milković's hypothesis about the Pannonian Atlantis, Dimitrijević says:

The hypothesis about Pannonian Atlantis and Đerdap was also published by our researcher Milković, who very thoroughly researched this topic, taking into account the fact of the retreat of the Pannonian Sea and the hypothesis of the formation of the Black Sea during the period of the end of the Ice Age. The argument that connects the Lepenski Vir with Atlantis is based on the logical fact that after the end of the Ice Age, the area around the Lepenski Vir first began to thaw and that the ships from Atlantis could land there.

Bojan Dimitrijević, The legacy of Atlantis

In the summary of the book on the website of the Čigoja publishing house, it is stated, among other things: "Atlantis - that ill-fated mother of human civilization, has two basic supporting pillars of its legacy: first - that people will overcome evil; second - that we have the means, mechanisms and knowledge to do so let's defeat evil, even without great casualties and mass suffering."

It is an entertaining and educational read for anyone who wants to learn more about the history of the search for the location of the legendary Atlantis. The book can be ordered on the publisher's website at the link below.

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