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Veljko Milković: How to make a two-stage mechanical oscillator more efficient? (VIDEO)

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September 27, 2022
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January 9, 2023

In this video, Academician Veljko Milković addresses the audience for the first time regarding the improvements related to his most outstanding invention - the two-stage mechanical oscillator. This video was posted on his official YouTube channel.

The two-stage mechanical oscillator and its application have been studied worldwide by the scientific community and enthusiasts for 2 decades, with countless replicas constructed around the world, as well as numerous scientific research papers published in Europe, Asia, South America and Africa. According to the data we have collected so far on the Internet, 2 doctoral dissertations, 4 graduate theses, 39 scientific research papers, 5 papers from scientific meetings, as well as numerous texts have been published. All papers are available on the References page.

In this address to the audience, academician Veljko Milković highlights the latest analyzes that indicate ways to improve the efficiency of the original design of the two-stage mechanical oscillator. This primarily refers to the use of ceramic ball bearings instead of steel ones, which achieves a higher operating speed. This is possible because ceramic balls are lighter than steel balls, so they have less inertia, and therefore less energy loss during oscillation. Also, they have a lower coefficient of friction, which results in more efficient oscillations.

In addition, Milković also proposes the construction of a two-stage mechanical oscillator with an elastic support and a pendulum, which proved to be significantly more efficient in terms of the longevity of the oscillations compared to the original construction.

See more about all this in the video below.

Watch the video clip (english subtitle available)

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