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The two-stage mechanical oscillator: Expansion of research in India

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January 7, 2015
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January 13, 2017

The two-stage mechanical oscillator is conquering the world slowly but surely. Making replicas of a two-stage mechanical oscillator with a piston water pump has become a kind of global phenomenon.

However, research on the two-stage mechanical oscillator itself is on the rise, both among enthusiasts and at universities around the world. In addition to numerous researchers in the US and the EU, there are particularly intensive and massive scientific studies in India. So far, several scientific research papers on the topic of the two-stage mechanical oscillator have been published at several Indian universities, including the world-famous University of Nagpur..

New scientific papers on the two-stage oscillator published in India

Asian Journal of Science and Technology: Two-stage oscillator mechanism for operating a reciprocating pump

IJRET: Fabrication and analisys of the prendulum pump

IJRMET: Single acting piston pump using oscillating motion

IJSRD:Fabrication of device for Generation of energy using two-stagemechanical oscillators

IJSTR: Swing set irrigation system

In addition to the teaching staff, students also choose to research the super-efficiency of the two-stage mechanical oscillator, and this is one of the papers on the oscillator applied to a piston water pump.

Student presentation of a project on a two-stage oscillator in India: Structural design and manufacturing using pendulum principle for bucket type water pump

Also, the two-stage mechanical oscillator as a super-efficient mechanism has found its way to the international media thanks to the enthusiasts who are engaged in its research. Below you can see a TV report about replicas of a two-stage mechanical oscillator made in an Indian school.

A TV report about replicas of the two-stage oscillator in an Indian school

In addition, more and more videos of enthusiasts making their replicas of a two-stage mechanical oscillator with a piston water pump are appearing on youtube, and these are just some of them coming from India.

Various replicas of the pendulum drive and the two-stage oscillator

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