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BAŠTA BALKANA: Novi Sad inventor Veljko Milković also reached the schoolbooks

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February 13, 2017
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The Internet portal Bašta Balkana published the news that Veljko Milković, a Novi Sad inventor who, after decades of dedicated research work and awards he received in the country and abroad, deservedly received the greatest recognition for his work, and that is that his name was found in textbook for elementary school.

The article is published in Serbian language, so the follownig text is a full translation of the published article:

After 114 inventions, 36 of which are widely used, 12 books translated into world languages and documentaries made based on them, after numerous domestic and world awards, Milković experienced the greatest affirmation for his work - his achievements became a teaching material for students of primary schools.

In the textbook for the 7th grade of primary school, from the subject of Technical and Information Education, the authors Ivan Tasić and Dragan Glušac recommend my achievements to the students.

Veljko Milković

Although a historian by education, Milković is one of the most valuable inventors in the country. He said that he liked to study inventions in the past, but also to deal with futuristic projects.

In addition to other inventions, he also owns 25 patents in the field of mechanical oscillations. Its two-stage mechanical oscillator was declared one of the hundred best energy technologies in the world in 2006, since this invention enables energy savings of as much as 12 times on many machines. It is a seemingly simple patent: a water pump with which Milković managed to shake the foundations of science, so the American "New Energy Congress" recommended him as a member of the Group of New Energy Sources that will be applied in the future.

"Researchers from Texas made a machine according to that model," says Milković, and oil and energy companies from New Zealand, Russia and China, as well as inventors from around the world, improved the machines according to his patent.

Also, Milković's name was found in the book by NASA physicist Brian Beret, who classified our innovator among names such as Galileo, Newton and Tesla. He didn't go unnoticed at home either.

He says that he started working on inventions as a child. But passion and curiosity could also be fatal to him. He is reluctant to talk about it. After high school, he wounded severely near the Danube from an unexploded bomb left over from the Second World War.

I was treated for several years, so I enrolled in history studies with the generation six years younger. Due to these injuries, I was declared 100% disabled, so I do not have an official work biography. I work in an apartment, and my bedroom is "both work and parade". Here I receive guests, fellow innovators, there is also an improvised laboratory, workshop, library… I used to live on disability benefits, and now on donations provided by inventions

Veljko Milković

One of the larger donors is the owner of the London company Accord Case, Robert Schenk, a native of Pula, who found out about him via the Internet, and then came to meet him in person.

"Being an inventor is difficult, so many talents run away from it and are realized in something else. It is difficult to make a living from inventions. It rarely succeeds, and it is done continuously ", explains Milković.

Author: Ljiljana Milovanović

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