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NEW INTERNATIONAL SCIENTIFIC PAPER: Study and design of pendulum assisted hand water pump

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August 9, 2021
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Research into the possibility of applying the two-stage mechanical oscillator by academician Veljko Milković in the world is not waning. Every year, several scientific papers are published around the world that deal with the specific application of the two-stage mechanical oscillator, and a lot of these scientific research papers are related to its application on the hand water pump. The following scientific paper was published in Nepal, at Kathmandu University located at the municipality of Dhulikhel.

In this paper, the authors Rejsha Khoteja, Sandhya Mishra, Sarad Niraula, Kshitij Kunwar, Nirajan Ghimire, Krishna Prasad Shrestha and Pratisthit Lal Shrestha are exploring the design and efficiency of hand water pump assisted by the two-stage mechanical oscillator. The introductory part states:

The project purely deals with the mechanical aspect of the pendulum pump, where an experimental approach is implemented to conclude. The average discharge of water at 30°,40°,50° and 60° swing angles were 51ml, 59ml, 70ml, 98ml respectively which concluded that the discharge of this designed pump extremely depends on the swing angle of the pendulum as water discharge is increased with increasing angle as seen from experimentation.

For the purposes of the study, the authors of this paper designed and constructed the pendulum pump using different calculations and fabricated it by adding frame, springs and pendulum to normal piston pump for the actual experimentation. It is stated that this designed pump pumps out approximately 9% of more water than a conventional hand water pump taken average discharge of normal pump as reference under the same circumstances.

The references of this paper contain several previously published scientific research papers dealing with the pendulum water pump. These international papers can be found on our website here.

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