Two-stage Mechanical Oscillator

October 6, 2019

TV SVETLO: My inventions are used by the world, and Serbia imports them! (VIDEO)

Academician Veljko Milković was a guest of the Internet channel TV Svetlo, for which interviews are conducted by eminent Serbian economist and publicist Branko Dragaš. In his visit, Academician Milković talks about his inventions that are widely used and produced in China, India and other countries,
November 1, 2019

NEW INTERNATIONAL SCIENTIFIC PAPER: Experimental investigation of energy production by using pendulum

Research related to the production of electricity using this mechanism is on the rise. The following scientific paper was published in Myanmar (formerly Burma), at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Yangon Technological University..
January 4, 2020

BALKAN INFO: Veljko Milković – I invented an infinite source of energy and gave it to the world! (VIDEO)

Academician Veljko Milković was a guest of the independent media production Balkan Info, which published its first interview in 2020 with him. In this interview, the main emphasis is on the application of the two-stage mechanical oscillator,
January 10, 2020
New scientific paper, academician Veljko Milković

New scientific paper: Synergy between invested energy and gravitation in two-stage mechanical oscillator

Academician Veljko Milković published a new scientific paper on the topic "Synergy between invested energy and gravitation i two-stage mechanical oscillator". This paper is a kind of continuation of the presentation and promotion of a two - stage mechanical oscillator and it presents the latest observations and measurement results.
July 6, 2020

NEW INTERNATIONAL SCIENTIFIC PAPER: Design and mathematical modelling of pendulum based pump

Research into the hand water pump with pendulum is ongoing over the past decade. The following scientific paper was published in India