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NEW INTERNATIONAL SCIENTIFIC PAPER: Experimental investigation of energy production by using pendulum

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Research into the possibility of applying the two-stage mechanical oscillator of academician Veljko Milković in the world is not waning. Every year, several scientific papers are published around the world that deal with the specific application of this mechanism, and most of the papers are on the application of a two-stage mechanical oscillator on a piston water pump. However, research related to the production of electricity using this mechanism is on the rise. The following scientific paper was published in Myanmar (formerly Burma), at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Yangon Technological University.

In this paper, authors Than Than Htike, Han Lwin Soe, and Kyaw Myat Moe explore the possibilities of generating electricity using the two-stage mechanical oscillator. The introductory part states:

This paper deals with energy production from gravity. Moreover, this paper is also intended to gain the useful and green energy by using gravity effect. In this paper, two-stage mechanical oscillator with gear mechanism, cam mechanisms and dynamo is fabricated to conduct the experiment. The process of this machine is that when the pendulum is applied with the input energy, the pendulum oscillates on the free moveable pivot point and this oscillation effect can move the lever arm to produce the second oscillation motion as same as seesaw arrangement system. Meanwhile, at the other edge of the lever arm, the output can be available as impact effect. This effect can be used as the output energy to drive the other mechanisms such as hammer, water pump, electric motor, and generator for the useful energy.

For the purposes of measurement, a test model of THEa two-stage mechanical oscillator was made according to the designs of academician Veljko Milković, and the first measurements were performed, which refer to three different arm lengths with two different pendulum weights on the other side. Next, measurements of the input energy and output power obtained in relation to the angle at which the first oscillation was initiated (30, 60 and 90 degrees) were performed. After that, efficiency comparisons were made between different arm lengths and pendulum masses, and finally, comparisons of final performance measurements were made under the previously presented different parameters.

It is important to note that in the references, the researchers refer to several works by academician Veljko Milković, but also to the work of Prof. Dr. Jovan Marjanović, as well as several works published at Indian universities dealing with THE two-stage mechanical oscillator. These international papers can be found on our website here, while the work of Prof. Dr. Jovan Marjanović can be found in the section Theory & Maths, as well as Experiments & Measurements.

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